Famous Last Words
by Barry Shafer
November 17th, 2016

Last week it was famous first words. So, following the natural order, this week it’s famous last words. The phrase “famous last words” is usually uttered with tones of sarcasm, facetiousness, or of course, irony. But not at Easter. At Easter, certain “last words” from Scripture really are famous in that they carry hope and promise for the world, even when the words sound dark and final (i.e., “It is Finished.”)

Like last week, this post is simply intended to give you a five-minute break in your day, provide an opportunity to reflect on a few words from Scripture, and give you a chance to test your Bible acumen—connecting “famous last words” with the proper book. The first four passages you’ll see are last words from Jesus on different occasions at the time of His crucifixion and resurrection. Other passages are last words from New Testament letters—those closing moments when the writer was so brimming with gratitude that he just had to bust out a doxology–one of those famous benedictions crammed full of promise and hope.

Click here to enjoy the quiz and the reflective moments it can bring.

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