Frequently Asked Questions

What is FaithHappenings all about? is the premier, first-of-its kind, online Christian resource that contains an array of valuable local and national, faith-based information all in one place. Our mission is “to inform, enrich, inspire and mobilize Christians and churches while enhancing the unity of the local Christian community so they can better serve the needs of the people around them.” will be the primary iPhone, Droid App/Site and website that people with a traditional Trinitarian theology will turn to for national and local information to impact virtually every area of life.

The vision of is to build the vibrancy of the local church with a true “one-stop-resource” of information and events that will enrich the soul, marriage, family and church life for people of faith. We want people to be touched BY God’s Kingdom, so they can touch others FOR the Kingdom.

Why did you start FaithHappenings?

With the demise of religion sections in local newspapers, the disappearance of The Yellow Pages, and how tough it is to find anything specific on Google as it relates to local Christian events, churches, ministries and products, fills a huge void. Originally envisioned as a platform to help authors, speakers and ministries, it quickly expanded into the one-stop resource that it is today. There are faith happenings going on all over the country, in each city and town, big or small, and so our goal is to be a connecting resource. Just as Google takes pictures of every house and is mapping out the world, it's our goal to "map out the Kingdom;" those things locally and nationally that are helping people move in the right direction for their faith

Why do you list the churches that you do?

Churches listed must have a traditional Trinitarian theology. That leaves a fairly broad spectrum of denominations and independent churches that may fit within that grid (perhaps even a few you may disagree with). While the inner workings and specific beliefs on other minor and major points of theology from each church are unique and important to them, what the larger church has traditionally believed is that God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit are one and the same. We’ve intentionally kept it this broad because there is room for disagreement within the larger Body of Christ, but especially because the worth of, and ministry by, individuals within all of these churches are of greater importance. It’s not our job or goal to sort out every difference, not when there are people in need of body and spirit whom God’s people should be serving.

Do you have a “statement of faith”?

We do not. We are a business, not a ministry. But our goals are to serve the broader range of churches who would generally subscribe to a belief that Jesus is the Christ, and who would affirm that the Bible in its original languages is God’s Word for people today. Beyond that, there is room for kind, frank and open discussion about the myriad of differences well-meaning people of faith have.

I see that you’re not a “Christian Yellow Pages,” but why did you include all that you have included?

Everything on our site has to fit into the grid of “Soul-enriching,” “Marriage-enriching,” “Family- enriching,” and “Church-enriching.” That is why you’ll see listings for churches, events, services and products, as well as romantic getaways, family fun locations, camps and schools (and much more). Further, we value three sacred times in the life of someone of faith: birthing/adoptions, weddings and dying. These are typically times when the person of faith would want others of similar beliefs to be present and participating. This is our framework—in listings, in our editorial content and in our advertising we allow on the site. We are committed to keeping those annoying ads that populate many websites off our site so we can stay true to our mission. And in case you’re wondering, just because we list a venue (a Bed & Breakfast, for example), we are not suggesting that the business is Christian, but that it is offering a service that will benefit Christians.

Is this really a front for some political party?

We will deliberately and diligently attempt to make this a “no politics” zone (no ads or blogs about political parties). There are other sites wholly dedicated to accentuating the differences we could share—who would do a much better job at explaining the whole picture of their side--but this isn’t one of them. Further, we won’t use this platform to scare, pressure or coerce people to contemporary or cultural action, either. Yes, we have convictions and values, but we value the worth of every soul and their journey, as well. And we fully believe God is able to enter into that person’s journey and show them the truth without us being that site that preaches in disrespectful ways. We hope to be a “glass is half full” type of site, so fear and words of division will not intentionally find a home here. While we will be wary of “off the beaten path” content, our goal isn’t to police every blog, book, person or service on this site. We do believe that keeping the discussion going is important as we’re all trying to hear from God and find our way. FaithHappenings highest goals are to encourage those who use our site to “love God with all of your heart, soul and mind…and love your neighbor as yourself,” and to be consistent with the definition of love as defined by the life of Christ and in 1 Corinthians 13.

I’d like to see reviews for all of the people and places and services on your site. 

At this time, we have chosen not to collate and publish reviews of any of our advertisers, listings and services. We encourage the FaithHappenings member to research for themselves reviews on counselors, speakers, churches, nannies, schools, camps, etc. There are many online resources to do this in better ways than we can provide. We are a total Kingdom local and national listing and services site, not an evaluator of subjective results. There are simply too many theological, personal and professional variables in every ministry or service that would prevent an accurate evaluation of each.

Do you have a “mission statement”?

To inform, enrich, inspire, and mobilize individual believers/churches and to enhance the unity of the local Christian Community to better serve the people in their local areas and the world. 

I know several friends, churches, and ministries that I think should be included on your site, who should I contact to recommend them? 

Actually, it’s easier than that. Anyone who has an event, service, product, or who knows of a person or place that fits our mission can simply go to Home Page and right below the sign-in box, there is a box that has ALL of the potential listings, where they will appear, and then links to the template. When someone fills it out, it’s posted very quickly; usually less than a day. Every website for any church, ministry or business will get reviewed. The person who fills out a template must be a member of FaithHappenings (remember, this is always free).

What’s next for FaithHappenings?

We will grow, expand and improve as time goes on. But shortly we plan to add more buttons, those “mini-magazines” that contain local and national info for: “Military,” “Authors/Creatives,” “Sports/ Coaches/Sportsman’s,” “Kids,” as well as other buttons that are suggested by our members. Plus, our blog and devotional content will always be changing and expanding to better meet the needs of our core demographics. Please feel free to make suggestions…and we’ll continue to evolve into something ever more useful to you and your family.

Are you looking for help from members?

So glad you asked! Three things: First, we want to continue to make this a One-Stop Resource for people of faith, so we need as many to participate as we can find: ministries, churches, musicians, speakers, camps, schools, counselors and life, marriage and family coaches…if you know anyone that fits in these categories (and others listed on this site) who also have a website (yes, as best we can, we DO check up on everyone to make sure they’re legit), please tell them about us. 

Second, we need folks to pass the word that (FINALLY!) a One-Stop Resource serving people of faith in Kingdom areas has arrived. Tell your Facebook friends, your Twitter followers, your church…anyone you know that we’re available in about 450 areas comprising more than 31,000 cities and towns throughout the U.S.A. (and hopefully soon, Canada).

Third, help us get better. Send us constructive ways to better serve your location and we will attempt to do so.

Where is FaithHappenings National Office located? 

The National Offices for are located in Centennial, Colorado, a suburb of Denver, just minutes from the beauty of the Rocky Mountains. The staff in the National Office supports our team of Area Coordinators in dozens of areas across America and an ever growing number of Community Associates being placed in 454 areas, over 31,000 cities and towns throughout the country. 

If you want to ask a question or make a comment, go here to do so.