Bitter Road to Dachau By Robert Wise

Christian Reger’s quiet, storybook world collapsed in the frenzy of l939 prewar Germany. Joining the Confessing Church to protest Adolf Hitler and Nazism, the fury of the Reich was unleashed. Ending up in the Dachau concentration camp where 10 percent of the prisoners were men of the cloth, Reger struggled to survive. Crammed into the Pastor’s Barracks with other ministers, the clergyman came face to face with man’s inhumanity to man. His struggled to endure asked tough questions about God, suffering, and life itself.
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More on this book
  • Title: Bitter Road to Dachau
  • Authors: Robert Wise
  • Publisher: B&H Books
  • Release Date: 05/01/2005
  • Genre: Fiction
  • Tags: robert-wise | historical-fiction | bitter-road-to-dachau |

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