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Strength Training

January 08th, 2015

My son is a personal trainer, though you’d never guess that by looking at my physique. He had me as a client for a couple of years—and I was making progress--but life got busy for me, so I took some time off (about 3 years, so far). The result: a few more pounds, less air in the lungs and, as I recently discovered, much lower testosterone levels. It seems that consistent exercise and...

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The Pursuit of Mystery

December 25th, 2014

For many Christ followers, church is a place where they find comfort in knowing that someone has everything figured out about God. After all, no leader wants their people confused about:

·         His plan

·         His promises and commands

·         His character

But can everything about God be systematized and organized into outlines and books so that we...

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Playing Church

November 20th, 2014

I’m one of the lucky ones. With only a few exceptions of sitting under boring sermons and difficult pastoral transitions, these last several decades I’ve had great experiences with lots of different churches: Lutheran, Baptist General Conference, Christian Missionary Alliance, Conservative Baptist, and a non-denominational missional church. I’ve not ever gone through a split, nor...

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Purging Judgment

November 06th, 2014

Finding a new community is like looking for a new family. Sure, you’re looking for a place to go, but you’re mainly hoping to find a people to belong to. After ten years with the same family, I’m not loving trying to find a new one. But I must.

Question: Do you find a family that’s right for you, or are you looking for a spot that is good for your spouse…or your kids? There are...

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